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As a former Anatomy & Physiology professor, I taught my students the importance of hydration. The human body is over 70% water. Imagine driving your car with low oil levels. Eventually the engine will overheat and stop working. Think of the grinding of metal as the engines runs with greater resistance.

Your body is a beautiful machine with intricate parts. Your cells are the basic building blocks, but without water/fluid, the basic metabolic processes are slowed which causes increased stress in your body. Unless you have heart or kidney failure, the rule of thumb is drinking half your body weight in ounces. For a 200 lb. person this equates to 100 ounces of water per day – the equivalent of 5 – 20oz bottles of water. For those in the health professions, teachers, customer service representatives, restaurant staff, and the likes, we no longer have the luxury of casually drinking water.

Covid has caused not only sickness and death but put many of us at risk of dehydration and urinary tract infections. Whether you wear a surgical mask, N95, or full respirator, the inconvenience of freely drinking fluids due to masking is causing metabolic changes due to the lack of water. Gifting yourself IV nutrient therapy is a way of giving your body the necessary fluids and nutrients we miss daily. My favorite mantra is, “My Health, is My Wealth” because without it, life is difficult.

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